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The claim that there are “more than 32 miles of nature trails in Van Cortlandt Park” is a gross distortion.  Below the Park Rangers map shows the Superhike route as 8 miles.  The perimeter of the park is smaller than Central Park’s which is over 6 miles long.  CP claims they have at least 58 miles of trails. For nature to thrive, it needs unfragmented acreage and VCP origins was to emphasize nature.

Ranger said this Super Hike is 8 miles

Below is a graphic of a paved bike path that runs alongside the Deegan and which is not currently marked on the VCP map, yet it is an asphalt greenway that travels the full length of the park from north to south.  It is about 2 miles long, or the same length as the Putnam Trail which we are trying to preserve to ensure a rare nature area thrives. No matter what is said, speeding bikes are not compatible with wildlife or people enjoying nature at their own pace.Diagram B - Paved Deegan Bike Path-page-0(1)

Green shows asphalt paths and multiple-lane highways in the park.  Missing: most paved golf paths.

Paved paths, bikeways, highways in VCPneg